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Story of the Week

"Last week a client called about a slow running computer. When tested at the clients home, the laptop, showed 100% processor usage while doing nothing at all.

Turns out that there were 20 instances of malware using up all of that power, which left the client with none to work with. Two hours later, it was running like new."

- Jason Schrader

Services Total Price Time Warranty
PC Busted? Free Diagnostic Varies ---------
Hardware Repair $49.95/hr. + hardware at cost Varies One Year
Hardware Upgrade $49.95/hr. + hardware at cost Varies One Year
PC Setup $49.95/hr. 1-3 Hours One Year
Software Install/Repair $49.95/hr. varies One Year
Virus Removal $99.95 2-3 Hours One Year
System Restore Disc $9.95 Varies One Year
PC Clean/TuneUp $49.95 1-2 Hours One Year